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Silver Rental

The North Country Spouses' Club (NCSC) has a collection of silver serving pieces available to lend to its membership.
Please see the inventory form below detailing items available to borrow, as well as the replacement cost of each item. Rental forms may be filled out and emailed to the Property Manager along with a request for use. Members must sign the form with the Property Manager at the time the silver is picked up, agreeing to pay full cost for any items lost or damaged during use.
The NCSC charges a fee of $25 to borrow the silver, and requires a deposit in the amount of $75 at the time the silver is picked up. The $75 check will be returned or voided at the time the silver is returned. Checks can be made out to NCSC.
Members wishing to borrow the silver should contact our current Property Manager. The NCSC silver is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so making your reservation early, especially during the holiday season, is recommended.

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