Our 2021-2022 Year begins in August! Please come back to apply later this summer

Joining the North Country Spouses' Club is a fantastic way to connect with other Fort Drum spouses in the North Country, while giving back to the community.

What do we do?

While we host monthly luncheons and have fantastic sub clubs that are throughout the month in daytime and evening hours such as; bunco, book club, hiking club, etc. (Find out more please check our Sub Club section.), we also take time to give back in service of the Fort Drum Community and the surrounding areas through things like; Community Outreach, Volunteerism, Beatification, Scholarship, & Grants. Last year we gave out thousands of dollars to the community from the generosity of our membership, donors and through the hard work of our Gift Shop Off the Beaten Path.

How do I join?

Active NCSC memberships are available to the spouses of active duty service members of the Armed Forces of the United States assigned to or residing near Fort Drum.  Associate memberships are available for the following groups: 

  • Spouses of retired (from active or reserve service) or deceased service members of the Armed Forces of the United States residing in the Fort Drum area

  • Retired service members residing in the Fort Drum area

  • Adult family members residing in the household of active duty service members assigned to Fort Drum

  • Civilian employees and/or spouses of civilian employees in the grade of GS-01 and above

  • Spouses of service members of the Reserve Components of the Armed Forces of the United States, residing near Fort Drum.

For more information please contact:

Can memberships be sponsored?

Yes! We do have a few sponsored memberships that are available for spouses in need. Spouses will fill out the regular Membership Application and selected the Sponsored Membership option in the membership section.


Yes! You may sponsor a membership either directly or indirectly. Indirect memberships are donated by members and will be distributed by the Memberships Chair. Direct Sponsorship can be donated to provide membership for a specific spouse. Please contact to sponsor today!

*Sponsored memberships are through the generosity of others but are not required as part of becoming a member.

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General Information


Membership Information

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We have a few sponsored memberships available to spouses in need of assistance. For those who would like to donate a membership to our organization, it would allow us to sponsor more spouses to be able to join our community. If you'd like to sponsor a membership, please contact  I'd like to add a tick box next to the payment area that says "I'd like to request to be a sponsored member


Sub-Club Interests (Included but not limited to)

For more information about Sub-Clubs please contact:

For those of you who would like to lead your own Club, please express your interest to our NCSC Social Chair at


Interested in Volunteering? Which group would you like to volunteer for? (Check all that apply)

Reservation Policy Agreement

I understand that Luncheons/Events must be RSVP'd to and must be paid in advance via Cash/Check/Credit/Paypal by the RSVP date. All payments must be received prior to the Luncheon/Event before entry will be permitted. Reservations are non-transferable. Cancellations made after the RSVP deadline will result in loss of payment for the event (or a bill for the cost of the Luncheon/Event if payment has not already been collected). There will be a $25 additional charge for any returned checks.

Payments and Correspondence


Please mail checks or cash to:

North Country Spouses' Club
Attn: Memberships
P.O. Box 327
Fort Drum, NY 13602

Membership Agreements

1. Cost of half-year membership (now through May 2021) is $15 (E-5 & above) or $10 (E-4 & below). A charge of $1 will be incurred when using PayPal or credit. Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2. Membership is dependent upon being in good standing (no outstanding debts) with the organization.
3. I understand that it is my responsibility to read the NCSC Constitution and By-Laws available on our website at 
A copy will also be available at each NCSC event.

4. NCSC takes photos at all events for social media and historical records.  I understand that by attending I may be included in these photos.

Your membership submission has been received, please complete the step below to submit your payment via PayPal or if preferred, please mail your payment to NCSC.

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Payment (submitted securely through PayPal, form must be submitted before payment is made)

E5 and Above with name tag ($26.00)

E5 and Above ($16.00)

E4 and Below with name tag ($21.00)

E4 and Below ($11.00)