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The North Country Spouses' Club is made up of military spouses dedicated to the tradition of the Army while moving towards its vision of tomorrow. Our members have proven to be community leaders because of the countless hours of dedicated service and devotion to the military families and the Fort Drum community. Their legacy continues to live on in the spirit they foster. 

The club is governed by a board of directors that includes an executive board and a governing board. The executive board positions are elected positions voted on by the general membership at the April luncheon. These officers are installed at the May luncheon. The governing board members are appointed by the club’s president. 

Our governing board meets once a month to plan and implement a number of activities for the general membership. Our membership enjoys activities such as an Annual Membership Drive in August and our Annual Tree and Wreath Auction in November. Also, monthly luncheons bring our members together to enjoy programs such as games, fashion shows, and bingo. 

Our members pay annual dues. These dues help to subsidize the club’s operating expenses. Each member receives a membership pin. Our members may join any of the many sub-clubs such the NCSC has to offer.  These may include book club, cooking club, bunco club, hiking and snowshoeing club, lunch bunch, and beer & wine club.

A few major fundraisers are planned during the year. The proceeds from these events, as well as the sales from our gift Shop, Off the Beatin' Path, are distributed to the community through community grants and scholarships. Scholarship and community grant applications are accepted annually and recipients of the monies raised are honored in May of each year.

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Duty stations come and go, but the memories we have with the friends we made will last forever...

Our Mission

The purpose of the organization shall be to develop and foster a spirit of community responsibility at Fort Drum, to provide welfare, to provide opportunities for social, cultural, and creative pursuits, and to support worthwhile service and community projects.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

Our vision is to allow every spouse the opportunity to socialize, learn, and grow while stationed at Fort Drum.  We want to provide aid to those local organizations that support the soldiers and families of Fort Drum and ease the burden on military families who are seeking higher education.

Want to connect with other spouses while giving back to the community?

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